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Fabric plafonds and lamps
Lamps and plafonds are the highlights, which create a cozy and warm atmosphere, while complementing your interior. Originally shaped lamps and exquisite fabrics are ideal for expressing and implementing your unique ideas. You can "design" a lamp by yourself. By doing this you will not only decorate your home or commercial premises, but will also give yourself an opportunity to take pride in your own creations. ARDENA manufactured lamps and plafonds are appropriate for both pleasant rest and work comfort.
ARDENA professionals guarantee the lamps and plafonds:
Originality. Designers are ready to implement the individual, non-standard ideas. Their imagination is unlimited! Plafonds can be of different shapes: round,quadrangular, or take a form of a flower. For their production, you can choose different fabrics, such as tapestry, silk, fabrics for roller blinds or curtains.
Novelty. A graceful setting is created not only with the help of the state-of-the-art lamps. Our experienced specialists not only produce new plafonds and lamps, but also restore the old ones, giving them a brand new, fresh look.
Wide choice. ARDENA manufactures both classic and modern design lamps and plafonds of various sizes and styles, which can be adapted to complement the decoration of windows - blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, screens. Therefore, ARDENA easily fulfills the expectations of not only the owners of houses or apartments, but also hotels, restaurants, cafés, and shop owners' expectations.
Industrial, sports, medical and special lighting projects

Sports facilities lighting
The lighting of sports facilities is often considered to be a real challenge. This concerns sports halls, skating rinks, swimming pools, shooting ranges, sports stadiums. Such facilities are particularly large, and the lighting project implementation requires advanced technology. In addition, the powerful light should not dazzle the players and viewers, spreading evenly and in several (for example, training, game, video) modes. Therefore, in order to avoid the risks, such a task has to be entrusted to experienced professionals.
Medical facilities lighting
The Lighting of medical facilities involves exceptional lighting requirements. Therefore, hospitals, clinics, surgical and operating rooms lighting projects are planned and implemented meticulously and with particular care. The proper environmental impact resistant lighting (moisture, chemicals) contributes to the overall improvement of the quality of medical services.
Special purpose facilities lighting
In order to create a suitable special purpose facilities (museums, galleries) lighting, different types of light sources are often combined together and both general and accent lighting is used. It is formed by simple and special purpose lamps, light filters that protect the exhibits from harmful ultraviolet rays.

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