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Why Ardena?

One of the main strengths of Ardena is an experienced team of designers who accomplish lighting projects of different scale, nature and complexity in Lithuania and abroad.
Our projects range from private spaces, to large public facilities: commercial buildings, sports arenas, tourist hotspots. Our ideas, stability, technical expertise, cooperation with experienced, innovative-minded partners allows to accomplish ambitious projects, which can be called "Ardena's" business cards.

Ltd. Ardena's production plant has 22 years of experience and continuous investment in the highest quality of production.
During these long years in the business, we have created a highly-efficient manufacturing system- the production plants equipped with the high-tech machinery and equipment in Lithuania and abroad. Having started from producing blinds, we gradually strengthened our creative approach by realizing individual orders for non-standard window coverings along with lighting installations.
Ardena showroom is a stop between the idea and its fulfillment.
Our goal is a wide range of high-quality products and comprehensive customer service, starting from consulting and design to the project implementation and maintenance.
In our showrooms we offer up-to-date artificial light sources customization options. You can also purchase stylish window coverings and modern electrical installation equipment/fixtures. We apply a flexible system of discounts, by modelling our production for every budget.

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