Cassette roller blinds

Are you looking for modern, long-lasting roller blinds? Cassette roller blinds Vegas and Vegas Profile are a remarkably practical choice. They have a contemporary design and considerably minimize the amount of natural light in different rooms.

Detailed description - Cassette roller blinds

These blinds are suited for all kinds of wooden, plastic, and aluminum windows. Cassette roller blinds can be easily customized to match the classic or exclusive homes, or office interiors.

The main advantages of cassette roller blinds

• Convenience. The roller blinds may be regulated very smoothly with a chain and the fabric can be fixated at any needed height. The ease of use is determined by the fact that the fabric remains flat against the glass, even when opening the window.
• Easy and safe installation. Cassette roller blinds are installed to the window profile with the use of latch adapters. Thus, the window frames, walls and ceiling remain intact.
• Spatial impression. Vegas Profile system consists of U-shaped side profiles that do not cover the glass. Therefore, the window sill and the recess remain open.
• Aesthetics. The roll of fabrics retracts into an aesthetically looking cassette on top of the window. In addition, you can choose from a variety of fabric patterns and colors, and different mechanisms, which will help you to complement the interior easily.
• Easy maintenance. Cassette roller blinds are made of easy-to-clean, durable fabrics, so their maintenance will not require any effort.

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Materials and colors - Cassette roller blinds

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