Insect/ Mosquito screens

What could be more annoying than flying insects in the home? Fortunately, the insect/mosquito screen has been designed. The insects/ mosquito screens are a convenient, efficient and aesthetically pleasing type of screens, as they are almost invisible and perfectly suited for any room of your house.

Detailed description - Insect/ Mosquito screens

The features of Insect screens:

• Versatility. This kind of protection easily fits all kinds of aluminum, plastic or wooden windows. In addition, the door or a niche can be closed with insect/mosquito screens. For your convenience our company offers framed, roller and plissé insect/mosquito screens.
• Convenience. Durable, lightweight mosquito screens are easy to install and do not prevent you from using any windows or doors.
• Aesthetics. You can choose from a variety of mesh and frame colors: white, brown, golden, dark oak, mahogany. White or brown mechanisms can be matched.

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