Exterior, streets and parks lighting

Properly illuminated area is relevant not only to the owners of personal houses or apartments, but also to the owners of commercial and industrial buildings. It is not only a feature of modernity and innovation. Modern technology allows to simultaneously care for a comfortable, eco-friendly and safe environment. Such environment will definitely leave a positive impression on both your guests and customers.
Ltd. Ardena guarantees the following advantages to your building’s exterior lighting:
Security. A well lit area is much safer. By choosing the right outdoor lighting you will protect youself from unauthorized visitors or burglary.
Aesthetics. A wide selection of luminaires allows to create your own individual and cozy exterior. Such lighting may gracefully decorate your terrace, garden, park, paths, roads and sidewalks between the buildings. You can choose unique, „showy”, or less noticeable luminaires.
The functionality and easy operation. You can choose and combine outdoor luminaires of different brightness. They will perfectly highlight the features of your building facade and the natural environment around it. Depending on the lamp, the light can shine with everyday, softer or festive, vivid and brigter mode. For your convenience, outdoor lighting can be automated in responding to a motion, or operated manually . In addition, Ardena staff willingly advise on the creation of optimal lighting project design and calculate the required amount of light.
Durability. The specialists help to choose the luminaires that would satisfy the customers’ requirements. Modern luminaires shine especially bright and long. and are also resistant to the adverse environmental conditions. Therefore, the exterior luminaires can even be placed, e.g. in a pond or pool.

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