LED lighting solutions

Proper lighting is essential for both work and leisure. However, this means of comfort often creates a lot of economic and environmental concerns. Fortunately, the state-of-the-art technologies solve this problem. Modern LED lighting is a practical solution for the owners of private, commercial, and industrial premises,allowing to provide proper light in different indoor and outdoor settings.
The advantages of LED lighting:
Energy efficiency. Investing in LED lighting pays off very quickly. It is established that the use of such lighting can save up to 80% of electricity, resulting in energy costs savings.
Eco-friendly. In Ltd. Ardena you can choose lamps and luminaires, which are not only cost-effective and efficient, but also eco-friendly.
Extended life and durability. Due to the use of high-tech, LED bulbs have a longer operational life time and are more cost-efficient than conventional light bulbs. They are also resistant to adverse environmental conditions, e.g. humidity.
Versatility. LED lighting is ideal for illuminating industrial and commercial spaces.It may effectively illuminate both the interior and exterior settings.
Aesthetics. If you are seeking a combination of comfort and modernity, you will achieve it effortlessly with LED lighting. LEDs are particularly suitable for complementing a futuristic, modern style homes, commercial and industrial premises. It is a great tool for those who appreciate the originality, uniqueness and innovation.
The Ardena specialists will advise you on The LED lighting solutions that will best suit you by:
Assessing your needs. The specialists of Ltd. Ardena accurately calculate the amount of light needed for the given premise, assess the needs, and take into account your aesthetic expectations.
Provide a great choice. The Ardena experts will help you choose the best LED lamps, light bulbs and strip lights.
Creating a high quality project. Communicating with architects, experts will calculate the intensity and lighting zones.
Lightbulbs and Light sources
The development of modern technologies stimulates the continuous improvement of the quality of light sources. A wide selection of bulbs guarantees a wide range of options .A proper light source creates an impression of security, well-being and comfort.
Our company is a representative of one of the most world-renowned manufacturer of light bulbs and light sources- OSRAM. OSRAM offers solutions not only for the homes, but also for the offices, for industrial, commercial premises, as well as medical and sports facilities.
Your demands and expectations will be satisfied by a wide selection of:
• LED light bulbs, LED strips;
• halogen and metal halogen light bulbs;
• compact fluorescent light bulbs;
• lumens light bulbs;
• sodium light bulbs;
• special purpose light bulbs (automotive, medical, photographic, video, cinema and TV appliances).

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